Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Gaza Strip

This blood stained wall bares the name of two who inevitably met their fate Abu Rami and Abu Wadi

A Palestinian woman stands in the remnants of El-Wafa Hospital following the Israeli offensive "Operation Cast Lead"

El-Wafa Hospital, one of Gaza's most advanced medical facilities is attacked by Israel during "Operation Cast Lead"

A young boy and his father ride past the remnants of a home destroyed during the Israeli Offensive "Operation Cast Lead"

A 12 year old boy shows me wounds he sustained from shrapnel during Operation Cast Lead

A young man stands in what remains of his home.

A member of the Ezzeden Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas poses for a photo in the Gaza Strip.

An Afro Palestinian woman poses for a photo during a community market in Gaza. It is not well known that there is a significant amount of Afro Palestinians living in the Occupied territories

A Hamas security agent watches over a delegation of westerners visiting Gaza.

A woman pleads for help at a rehabilitation center in Gaza. Her leg was all but destroyed during Operation Cast Lead

An UNRWA worker stands in front of the American School in Gaza which was destroyed during Operation Cast Lead

The blank stares of white phosphorus victims fill the room of a rehabilitation center in the Gaza strip.